Team D Does!

Daphne, Dena, Denzel, and Dudley are proud to present the incredible adventures of Team D!

Now with new member Ezra!



Daphne and Denzel


Team D does Russia, Finland and Estonia, July 2012
Team D Does Europe, July 2011 Part I Part II Part III
Team D (Dudley) does North/South Carolina, June 2011
Team D honeymoons in Costa Rica, December 2010
Team D says I do, October 2010
Team D (Dena) does the Haute Route, August 2010 Full Resolution
Team D (Dudley) does Portland, June 2010
Team D does Barbados, February 2010
Team D does Christmas, December 2009
Team D does Nantucket, October 2009
Team D does Seattle (Shelly and Jeffrey's Wedding), August 2009
Team D does NYC (Yasemin and David's Wedding), July 2009
Team D does CT, July 2009
Team D does Europe, April/May 2009 Part 1 Part 2
Team D does New Hampshire, March 2009
Team D does Jamaica, February 2009
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